10 Most Important Math Topics

10 Most Important Math Topics 2023: Essential Topics for Every Student

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Math can be a scoring subject by focusing on the most important math topics. The math topics are the same entailing equal importance irrespective of the grade of the student.

Focusing on the math topics that carry more weightage can help students to secure more marks, and also prepare a strong foundation for other STEM fields.

What are the most necessary and significant topics of Math a student should be aware of ?

Precisely, “Math” is a subject which consists of various useful and applicable lessons related to practical life. Out of many topics there are few which act as the basic foundation enabling a student to comprehend the logic and reasoning behind every lesson and helping them in excelling the subject rather than making it difficult and boring.

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14 Most Important Math Topics

These math topics are considered significant academically and also lays down the foundation to understand other math concepts in after-school grades.

1. Algebra

Algebra is one of the most important math topics a student must master as the equations, and variables like x,y, and z are all the roots of math topics like integration and differentiation encountered by the student in higher grades and while preparing for competitive exams.

Hence, algebra is one of the essential topics that require students’ focus and attention.

Algebra math topic

2. Geometry

Geometry is one of the most important math topics a student cannot afford to skip. Shapes are all around us and geometry helps students to understand and calculate the dimensions, positions, and angles of different shapes.

Learning how to calculate the length, breadth, and width is essential for any student aiming to opt for a career in architecture, interior design and even measuring the size of your study table in day-to-day life.

Geometry math topic

3. Heron’s Formula

Focusing on the calculation of the area, and perimeter of triangles, academically Heron’s formula is one of the important math topics. Questions based on triangles, calculating the areas, and perimeter carry more weightage in the syllabus and assure more marks in exams.

4. Pygaoethores Theorem

A well-known theorem by students, the derivation of the formula and diagram carries marks in itself. Henceforth, students must focus on this theorem from class 5 as one of the important math topics in class 6 math.

5. Trigonometry

One of the important math topics that study the relationship between the sides, and angles of the same or two different triangles.

Trigonometry math topics

6. Circles

Circles are one of the most important math topics in class 10 maths for students preparing for boards. As per the syllabus circles, the math topic entails a lot of weightage. Circles are one of the math topics that are formula-based and can help students to secure more marks in exams. 

7. Profit and Loss

Profit and loss are one of the most important math topics in life apart from academics. This math topic is essential for any student aiming for a career in entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, or in general calculating the gains and losses in assets.

Profit and Loss math topics

8. Percentages

Percentages are one of the most prominent math topics as students compare their performance with their peers based on the percentage secured in exams. Also, percentages are considered one of the important math topics in the class 5 math syllabus. 

Percentages math topics

9. Statistics

Statistics is essential and important math topic in the class 9 math syllabus as per the CBSE board. This math topic is also used in Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis.  

Statistics math topics

10. Probability Theory

Probability theory helps students to calculate the possibilities in cases like cards deck, heads, and tails in coins, probability of winning the match, and many more situations. This is considered one of the most important math topics in the class 9 math syllabus and for students preparing for other Competitive exams. 

Probability Theory math topic

11. Fractions and Decimals

We have been introduced to this concept since 1st grade, well I am talking about Fractions, if one can recall, this concept is all about sharing equally. Technically dividing a whole into equal numbers of parts. whereas, Decimals are being introduced in grade 4th and are used to represent the measurements or money where more accuracy is needed which cannot be provided by the whole numbers. 

Fractions and Decimals math topic
  • The so called relationship between Fractions and Decimals, to be concise, these two are basically the same as they are used for representing numbers but in different forms.
  • Learning Fractions at an early age enables kids to comprehend the nature of numbers and also why and how one can share equally or fairly with the help of Division. They will know the meaning of division and how easy this concept will be, which in turn will prepare them for later complex topics such as algebra.
  • Similarly, learning decimals will make kids understand that not everything can be represented in terms of a whole number, for instance the size of any grain or the Ant or the width of their hair strand or money as in coins.


This topic is imperative as it will be beneficial for a kid in the long run. As we are very much aware of the four fundamental pillars of mathematics as in “Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division” on which the entire curriculum of math is based. So-called PEMDAS OR BODMAS was originally introduced by teachers in the United States as a way to help the students in remembering order of operations.

  • Operations signifies addition, subtraction, multiplication, dividing, exponents, etc. Order of operations as the name suggests requires an order to execute these operations if not followed you will end up with inaccurate results.
  • Teachers came up with a acronym PEMDAS which stands for, 
  • Whereas the other teachers employs a similar acronym stated as BODMAS which stands for,
bodmas math topic

13. Prime and Composite Numbers

Why do we emphasize on learning the topic “Prime and Composite Numbers” and the answer to that question is pretty simple because the prime numbers are the basic foundation of whole numbers (0 to so on…) thanks to their odd mathematical properties whereas the composite numbers are derived by multiplying prime numbers with each other.

  • In the simplest way one can define the prime numbers as the number with only two factors, 1 and the number itself.
  • Composite numbers are those numbers which have two or more than two factors.
  • Learning prime and composite numbers in school life assists in later stages of one’s career in data encryption and decryption and Telecommunications.
  • Good Numeracy puts a student one step ahead in tackling low wages and unemployment.

14. HCF and LCM

These terms are originated for breaking down large numbers into smaller parts. HCF stands for Highest common Factor wherein Factor means a number that can divide a specified number without a remainder. LCM stands for Least Common Multiple as the name suggests it is the smallest common number. Multiples represent a number which is a product of a given number and the other number.

  • The concepts of LCM and HCF can be implemented in real life scenarios for instance

Factors are employed for distributing things in different ways such as how many people can fit in a Van or a Bus. How many rotis would be enough to feed how many people.

  • Learning LCM helps students significantly in solving problems based on adding and subtracting and comparing two or more fractions.

Other Important Math Topics

Apart from the above-mentioned Math topics, there are other topics that are considered important for students from grade 1 math to grade 8 math and above.

  • Number System
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Integration
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Mensuration


Foucing on the important math topics can help students to master the basics of math required for a better understanding of other math topics and additionally prepare them for other STEM fields in the future.

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