The 10 Best Cool Math Games for Kids and How They Keep Them Engaged

The 10 Best Cool Math Games for Kids and How They Keep Them Engaged

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What cool math games can you make your kids play to keep them engaged? Every parent and teacher has the same question at some point. This article will highlight a few cool math games for kids.

The impact of the internet is on all generations as technology advances. Keeping a child away from the digital world is unavoidable. The majority of parents worry about their kids. There is concern that if kids are always around TV and games, they will grow up to be idle and never study. 

However aside from the negative impact of this advanced technology, there are a few positive advantages that help kids better understand concepts as the technology makes it a lot easier for kids. This article may learn more about the top enjoyable cool math games for kids

Why is it Important to Play Math Games?

Playing math games gives kids a framework and method for approaching problems to accomplish a specific aim or objective. While achieving that objective may be difficult, the challenge makes playing games enjoyable. Children can play games alone or in groups, decide for themselves what actions they will make, and play the same game repeatedly to test out alternative strategies.

Why is it Important to Play Math Games

1. Both Perseverance and Challenge

Kids can learn Perseverance and Challenging skills while playing games as they experiment with different approaches and run into obstacles. They can attempt again without feeling under pressure to do it “properly” after observing what works and why. Teachers and parents can encourage students’ perseverance in difficult games and confidence in their ability to overcome problems.

2. Growth in Social and Emotional Skills

Playing games with their friends or classmates helps kids to develop social and emotional abilities including patience, sharing, and working together to solve issues. Kids have the chance to practice winning and losing graciously and with respect when playing games that have a competitive aspect.

3. Discipline and Reinforcement

You must be thinking, why am I talking about discipline while talking about some math games? right! It is very much interlinked. As kids play these cool math games repeatedly, they provide regular practice, creating discipline in them. Since they have developed a discipline over games, kids tend to reinforce that in real life too.

How to Choose the Best Math Games for Your Child's Age Group

How to Choose the Best Math Games for Your Child's Age Group

Being hands-on and having fun while learning a new skill is one of the simplest methods to reinforce it. These engaging cool math games are a great way to put what you’ve learned into practice, regardless of your child’s age group. 

This amazing collection of entertaining cool math games can help you with that. Everyone can find something here! But choosing the right math game for your child can be confusing. So here are a few tips that can be used while picking the best for your kid. 

1. Always start with the basics. Choose the games which has addition or subtractions, that make child’s basic stronger first. 

2. While playing basic games which include addition and subtraction, kids are ready to move a step further and try playing a harder game. It is time to play games that include multiplication and division.

3. Next, you can try making kids play a few cool math games that involve data thinking in it. Data thinking can help kids to memorize concepts very well and making a habit of it can help them in their studies. 

While talking about Data thinking, {igebra.ai} has introduced a math++ program that enables kids to fall in love with math. This program consists of data thinking, AI thinking, and math. Teaching kids math using data and AI thinking will make them grasp what is being taught and will eventually make them interested to learn more and more. 

How Fun & Engaging Cool Math Games Can Improve Your Mental Math Abilities

How Fun & Engaging Cool Math Games Can Improve Your Mental Math Abilities

Students’ knowledge of core concepts in math is deepened by mental math. Additionally, kids feel successful and independent when they realize they can perform any kind of math solution without the need for a pencil or paper. Once students master several mental math tactics and strategies, they can frequently solve a math issue faster than it would take them to grab a calculator.

Now, if you ask how fun and engaging cool math games improve a child’s mental math capabilities? I would say, drastically! Learning math from some cool math games can level up the game of learning.

Kids tend to remember what they play more than just reading or writing it. 

For example, try teaching a kid addition using some examples of chocolates, gummies, or toys and using books in an old-school way. What do you believe the children will enjoy, learn, and remember? It’s the way that included lots of real-time examples.

Best 10 Cool Math Games That You Can Play Online

All the cool math games mentioned below can be found on Google App Store.

1. 2048 - One of the Cool Math Games

The first game on the list of cool math games is 2048. Your goal in the game is to arrange the tiles so that the same number of tiles are merged together. The merged tiles double the number. Therefore, you must add two fours together to get an eight. When you reach 2048 or cannot move any more tiles, the game ends.


“Hungry Fish by Motion Math” is yet another intriguing and fun game on the list of cool math games. Kids can play this entertaining game to practice basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more.

By giving the fish the right diet, the children may practice addition, subtraction, and negative numbers using the app. The game is made exclusively for youngsters ages 3 to 11 and allows them to practice adding negative and positive integers while honing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

The same people who enjoy Subway Surf will also enjoy this game. Playing Toon Math on your phone is usually enjoyable because it helps to increase your memory capacity and extend your brain a little without putting much effort into it.

At each level, you must solve straightforward mathematics problems while avoiding obstacles and moving along a three-lane path. You have to run, defeat creatures, and gather coins while playing the game. The difficulty of the game rises with each level, finally becoming quite difficult.

A fun arithmetic game geared toward children is called Math Land. The game includes easy-to-understand math games with a strong pirate theme. Ray, the protagonist, strives to rescue the stolen gems from the wicked pirate Max.

The game has 25 levels and is targeted at kindergarten-aged children. Not only that, but older children may play the game’s harsher difficulty settings, and adults can play it to improve their addition and subtraction abilities.

Students conduct a phone survey of locals in a small neighborhood in Polling: Neighborhood, one of the best math games for children aged 11 – 14 years learning about data analysis. Based on the findings, they evaluate the mood of the entire population. They contrast random and non-random sampling and discover ways to reduce the likelihood of mistakes in such an estimate.

Prodigy, one of the top cool math games available online, employs game-based learning to make arithmetic exciting and interesting. While honing their arithmetic skills, the players complete tasks, receive rewards, and have the opportunity to play with friends.

Students discover a world filled with adventures, solve mathematical problems to triumph in combat, and rescue animals to strengthen their teams. The game has an adaptive algorithm to give players useful math practice.

You can improve your math calculation speed by playing this quiz game. The complexity of math problems continues rising. At the conclusion of the test, students can view their scores or percentage. They can either use a stopwatch version to see how long it takes them to complete the quiz or take a timed test in which they must complete 30 calculations in 2 minutes. Can be found on Sporcle.

There are 35 place value questions in this online math game. Students can study vocabulary up to 100, as well as how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The game can be played by up to 10 teams. The game can be shared, printed, and downloaded. It can be modified by the developers to create a unique arithmetic game for kids. 

You can watch the PBS Kids program Odd Squad on Netflix. Online math games called Odd Squad were created for this TV program. The games, which are aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 8, feature Olive and Otto, two young agents who use math to solve cases. They’re entertaining and aid in teaching kids deductive reasoning.

Alien Addition is a fun game that helps youngsters learn addition by having them use addition to destroy alien invaders. The player must choose two numbers that total up to the number that the aliens are beaming down from the sky. As you advance in the game, the pace quickens, making it a perfect way to learn addition while honing your speed and accuracy.

The arrow keys can be used to move your laser, and the spacebar or clicking the spaceship can be used to fire it. The game pace can be changed between slow, normal, and quick. Start playing after setting the numbers somewhere between 1 and 20. 


Children can learn in a variety of ways in the digital environment. Many games are interactive and raise children’s cognitive abilities. It makes learning engaging for kids and challenges the conventional learning approach. As a result, in addition to learning, your child can also acquire social and problem-solving skills.

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